Sisavanvong Road, Luang Prabang

We’re both waiting for the Tak Bat, the daily morning alms ritual in Luang Prabang. Monks walk through the town collecting their food for the day.

I chose a hotel on one of these streets to make sure I could get every extra minute of sleep before walking the few feet to the porch for my first experience. She’s been doing it all her life. Doesn’t need an alarm. While I fidget in my pajamas, she arranges her rice with the same care she’s taken with her hair, her shawl.

Being a monk is a noble calling, though in Laos many are sent to monasteries for a few years to get a bit of structure and education. She has neither temple nor teacher, just this place along the path, and that is all she needs.

#earlyriser #newyear #cny #cny2017 #resolutions #southeastasia #luangprabang #laos #travelersnotebook (at Sakkaline Road, Luang Prabang)

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